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Life and All It's Changes

Well I have been waiting for all the right words to come bubbling out of me and, whelp they have not. I can tell you that my heart is forever grateful to all of you who have come to see me over the years. We have had some hair adventures!

For those who have been with me all the years and seen, watched, and experienced my growth as a stylist through my continued education... Thank You! Thank you for continuing to choose me and my skill set over all the years we have had together.

Thanks for all the laughs.. the crazy laughs and the what in the world laughs. Each day I would walk into work and know it was going to be a great day, and none of you disappointed me in that. Well for the most part, we are after all human... hehe

My heart is full of all the love you have given and I hope I too have give back to you. I will miss your stories, your smile, your silliness, your thirst for fun hair and your trust in me. Please know You all have touched me and my heart. (I hope the next place is ready for all of this ). Whether you are reading this as a current client or past client - Thank You for your trust and friendship. We all know that the relationships we develop between stylist and client is close. I will treasure the time we had.

Your Stylist and Friend,


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1 comentario

Lisa Swanson
Lisa Swanson
27 jul 2023

Words can't describe how much you and your talents will be missed!!!

Me gusta
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