Is the Weather making your hair going in all direction? Flat and Limp?

For those of you who need to tame the slightly freed hair, I have a few things I can recommend to you. The Love Shampoo/Conditioner is a great starting point. Or you can jump to the Oi which will hydrate and strengthen the hair. Then you can use the Oi Milk (liquid GOLD) for hair prep, following with styling products. Curl Building Serum, and the New Curl Gel Oil and you should have beautiful lively hair! Now for those of you who wish you had untamed hair.... Here we go. You too can go with the Oi to give your hair both moisture and structure. You can also go straight to feeding the hair with NouNou family. That will help to add good structure to your hair so it will hold your blow outs, your curls you put in or just soft volume. Then you can add some fun styling products depending on your end result, I got the product for that. Feel free to pop into the salon and Pick up your Hair Care system you need to deliver the results you want! You having great hair days is what I am for. Let me help you get there.

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